Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Wandering

So today, I went on an awesome run this morning and then went to class and then had London at my fingertips just like every other day (tough days huh :). Anyway, I went with a group of girls down to Piccadilly Circus so they could check on prices for shows. We then just wandered around Piccadilly and China Town and then went over to Trafalgar Square. Since Maddie and I had already been in the National Gallery and it was a nice day, we decided to go over to Big Ben to see the houses of Parliament. I am amazed, every time I see the buildings here and think about how old they are and how much went into building them. I am glad that I have this attitude about it, I am glad I have never been here before so I can feel that fresh excited feeling about everything! I am in awe with the beauty of the city! Here are the pictures of today's wandering adventures- and I hope you all know while looking at these how completely content I was just wandering. I don't think that feeling is going away anytime soon!

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  1. Mary, this is so amazing. I love your attitude towards everything right now!
    Love you,