Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love you... Most ardently.

So I found paradise today! It is located in Stourhead Gardens somewhere not too far from London in a place called Andover. We only spent about an hour here but I could have spent all day here or the rest of my life. A large amount of the excitement that surrounded the visit to these gardens stemmed from the fact that is the location where a scene from the new Pride and Prejudice was filmed. The scene is the one where Darcy confesses his love to Elizabeth, in the rain, under the cover of a structure in which I stood today! He first explains to her all the reasons why he should not like her and then says that he does like her that in fact he, "Loves her, most ardently." It is kind of the best movie line ever. Being there made me almost feel like I needed a Mr. Darcy to be in love with me most ardently but then I remembered that I was fine just the way I am but, it was fun to feel like Elizabeth Bennett for the day. I loved being in the gardens. I felt like everything was right there and nothing could go wrong! I had this funny feeling that even if something did go wrong that it would be ok because I was in the most beautiful place that I had ever been been in my life! It was also fun to take fun pictures and to pretend to be part of a Jane Austen novel.
The next stop we made on our trip this Wednesday was in Winchester. Of course, my friend Janna and I did our bus fun for everyone today. We wrote poems about some of the girls in our programs for the other girls to figure out and we sang again and we gave some news from home. I enjoy doing bus fun I won't lie. I think there might be something about the microphone, I have always kind of liked attention so it is a great job for me :) Winchester was kind of the low point for me today. It was cool and all but I was really tired and we saw a cathedral (which we have seen a lot of) and some ruins of a castle that were cool but I was so tired so it was hard to pay attention. It was fun though and I am glad that I had the opportunity to see it!!
The next part of the trip was really fun! I had my doubts because I was so tired and we were going to more castle ruins but these ruins were way fun! They were also located right on the water, the harbor which leads to the ocean, which made a pretty incredible back-drop. We climbed to the top of the ruins of the castle and looked out over the water and it was amazing! I was delighted to see how open and available the ruins were. We were allowed to pretty much climb around on whatever we wanted and just play among what was left of the castle that once stood there. I feel so lucky to be here and to have the opportunity to see the things that I am seeing. Today, as I was walking along the water by Portchester Castle, I had this amazing feeling of just loving where I was. I really am just thankful to be able to be here! I hope you all enjoy my pictures from Portchester almost as much as I enjoyed being there!Just posing on some ruins...Janna and the view from the top of the castle ruins.The beach?Right outside the castle wallWe got kind of artsy towards the end, I like this one mainly because it is black and white.


  1. Mary, it's so awesome to hear how grateful you are for everything that's happening in your life. The pictures and the places you've been are amazing to look at.
    Love you,

  2. Look at you going to all those awesome places! I am a little disappointed with myself for knowing what the title of this post was in reference to without even looking at the picture... maybe I should watch more guy movies. Anyway, have fun, be good. I'll see you in a few months!