Monday, January 12, 2009

A Foggy Day in London Town

So here is what we do on a foggy day in good ol' London. Outside activities were really not that attractive of an idea today so we found a great inside activity with which to occupy our time. I love that so many of the museums in London are free, it is a great arrangement for a pretty poor college student like me. The Natural History Museum is another one of the free museums in London. This museum is located walking distance from the center and the walk is right through Hyde Park so it is a fun walk! The walk there today was a little bit wet but it was totally worth it!!! I guess I will stop blabbing and just show some pictures :)

This is me kissing a camel, this picture is for Kathe because she kissed a real camel this summer

This is me being a rhino, just to feel what it feels like to be a rhino!

This would be me and Maddie fighting just like the dinosaurs in the pictures- we are fierce!!

This is my jaw and a t-rex's jaw, I think I could take him :)


  1. You're a goof, Mary! I miss you a lot already.
    Love ya, Peter

  2. Mary, I knew you were talented, but had no idea you could take on the roles of so many different animals! haha. I'm so glad you're writing these!

    Miss and love!!