Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side!

So thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we, the students at BYU's London Centre, did not have class today. Even though Martin Luther King Day is not really recognized really at all in England we are still Americans (although if you heard my accent you might question, it's pretty convincing :). A couple of girls and I decided to make the most of our day off with a trip to the London Zoo. We hopped on the tube and rode it to Cambel Town on the Northern line, walked a little bit and there we were- well after getting lost in Regent's Park, there we were :)
The zoo was a great choice for today! the only thing that would have made it any better would have been a little bit warmer tempertures, but it wasn't that bad. We saw pretty much the whole zoo which was a pretty cool zoo and we had a great time doing it! It is so fun to be making new friends and enjoying so many different aspects of this study abroad experience! Here is a pictorial representation of our day. Enjoy!Maddie and Melissa, on the way to the zoo, we were a little excited.Practicing our fish faces- there are fish behind us if you can't tell.Just wanted to let everyone know it's ok to stop looking for Nemo... I found him.If you notice, Dory is in the background which explains why we all look forgetful- like Dory.This is the same reptile house as seen in Harry Potter, yea, pretty sweet!This was right before glass vanished...Me, just trying to fit in.Family portrait with the Giraffe family. Geoffrey is standing and Gemimia is seated :) I don't have words for this...Simba and Nala... obviously :)This was at the end of the day- all in all it was a great day!!!

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  1. Mar, I'm so jealous. Glad to see that you made the most of Martin Luther King Jr. Day though.
    Love you,