Friday, August 5, 2011

He Got Her

To quote my best friend Jill, who was quoting Colbie Calliat, while singing to her new husband, Mike, at their wedding reception, "He Got Her". Last weekend was full of fun and love and happiness as my best friend Jill married her Mike. They are a great couple and this event was a great excuse for all of the original Fugal girls to reunite. We were all there minus Sarah who is in Colorado on her mission. She was certainly thought about and missed! Especially at our girlie sleep over the night before the wedding- I am so thankful to have to have the friends that I do!!! It was so so fun to see everyone and to be there at the temple to see Jill and Mike emerge as a married couple!! After the temple there was a dinner at a stake center near by- catered by Cafe Rio- yum! The next day (Saturday) was the road trip to Lyman, WY for the reception. It was a great party and, with a lot of praying, we even managed to hold off the rain that wanted, so badly, to fall on us. Thanks Mike and Jill and the Hansens and the Jaggis for a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to do it all again in September for Jackson and Christina!!!

Here it is, the girlie sleep-over. We painted our finger nails and toe nails, we watched a girlie movie and talked until too late- perfect night!

This was the next day, at the temple. It was real hot outside- just to throw that out there! Just to show how small the world is, or how many people get married in Utah County, especially over the summer... While waiting for Jill and Mike's sealing to end I walked outside the temple and ran into one of my football players. He had just gotten sealed that day in the very same temple as Jill. It was fun to be able to congratulate him and even to receive a proposal from one of the coaches- He said to me, "When are you getting married?" I replied that I didn't know, upon my reply he grabbed my hand and said, "Let's go" as he walked toward the temple- pretty funny.

Here we all are, minus Sarah. I know that I have already said this but, I LOVE these girls! I am so blessed to have them in my life and I am so glad that we are all going to be friends from break-ups to babies and beyond! Just to make a public apology- Katelin, I am really sorry for stomping on your foot in my spikey heels right before this picture- I love you.

Lyman, Wyoming! A little piece of heaven! The party was beautiful with lights and paper laterns- it really was gorgeous!

Me and Kathe being good bride's maids, helping to tear down the party. I really am so thankful that I got to have such a wonderful weekend with so many wonderful people that I just love!!!