Sunday, February 27, 2011

State Champs!

My clinical assignment this semester is with Springville High School. I love love love working with the high school athletes and all the things that I get to do while I am there! This week was particularly exciting because my girl's basketball team won their second state championship in two years- that's right, back to back state titles! They are pretty amazing!! I felt pretty cool to just be a little part of it all!

This was our most exciting injury of the tournament. In a physical game with Skyview (a high school in Logan) our player took an elbow to the eye and did some good bleeding. Faces bleed a lot when insulted and hers was no exception. We managed to fix her up enough to play the rest of the game but further attention was needed after the game was over. In our game of 'guess how many stitches' I was only one off- felt pretty good about that one! Congrats Lady Devils! You girls definitely deserved this one!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weddings, I Love Weddings!

Ok! For those of you who did not get my Pirates of the Caribbean reference, I apologize but, due to recent events, it was completely warranted! This weekend was my cousin Kelsey's wedding. To be honest, unlike Jack Sparrow, I do not love weddings. This one though, was exceptionally enjoyable. The sealing happened at the Salt Lake Temple with a luncheon that followed. There was a little bit of inclement weather but, other than that, things went rather smoothly. We did have a bit of a wait between the sealing and the luncheon but we passed the time catching up with family and... bonding.

This is a picture of me and Katalyn. We are doing some serious
bonding in the Joseph Smith Building during our sealing/luncheon layover.

The luncheon was lovely and yummy and after it we were able to head home for about a second. To be honest, I was feeling quite awful (health wise that is) so I used my second at home to get into my sweats and lay in my bed. This experience did not last half as long as I needed it to and then it was back to work, at the reception! The reception was lovely also and it gave me an excuse to see some friends that I had not seen in a while which was so fun!!! So, I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you Kelsey and Trevor for getting married and allowing me to have a crazy weekend filled with family and friends because that is the best kind of weekend there is!

Here are some friends that I haven't seen in a while and I don't see enough! Sure do love these girls!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling the Love

I took up new residence this semester with my brother and my sister in law. We live in our other brother's house in Springville while he is away at basic training for the Air Force. I have to give a shout-out to Casey and Katalyn. They are so good to me! They make me feel so loved! They make me dinner, they pull my car into the garage on cold nights- what more could a girl ask for!?! Well, today on Valentine's Day, they pulled out all the stops. We have a tradition in our family. Our Mom always makes giant sugar cookies on Valentine's Day with our names on them and lots of X's and O's. The cookies are always waiting for us when we wake up in the morning. Today, when I came home from school there was a cookie waiting for me. It was made with love by my wonderful brother and sister and I am sure Owen had a hand in there somewhere :) Thanks so much guys! Happy Valentine's Day everyone- I hope you all feel loved today too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I do believe that is the nickname by which I will refer to my newest little nephew. I am still trying it on for size (the nickname that is), I will keep you posted! I can't say enough about how much I love this little guy and I have only known him for a couple of days. For those of you who don't know, he came on February 9th. Little Owen (that is his real name) was 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 21 inches long. He is just a happy kid and so fun to snuggle with! I am so glad that he is here and that he and Katalyn are doing great! I am also glad that I get to live with the kid for the next couple of months and will get to spend lots of time snuggling with him. Snuggling with Owen is quickly becoming one of my favorite activities. So! Welcome to the world Owen Rodger, we are all so happy to have you!

I know all of you can tell from the pictures but I will take this opportunity to say- Owen has got to be one of the cutest babies I have ever met! Just sayin'!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Break-Ups to Babies

It being Sunday and all I feel totally justified in talking about a major blessing in my life! In the fall of 2007 I was randomly paired with five INCREDIBLE girls who wound up being my roommates for the next three(ish) years. There is Jill, Katelin, Sarah, Katie and Christina. We are no longer all roommates and at very different places in our lives. Katie is married. Christina is working a grown up job in Texas (way too far away if you ask me). Sarah is on a mission in Denver, Colorado. Jill and Katelin are both about to graduate and move to who knows where to do who knows what. Then there is me, on board with school until December of 2011 and then out to do... well I don't know what but, it is going to be good! The title of this post in the motto of our friendship. From break-ups to babies, that is how long we all plan on being friends. So, pretty much forever! Last year, in March, we all went out to dinner at this place called Wallaby's and we got to put our hand prints on their wall and sign our names. Yesterday, Jill and Katelin and I went back to Wallaby's and reminisced about being there just a year ago and all the things that have changed between then and now. It has been a ride, that is for sure. It is far from over, that is also for sure. I am so thankful for the five best friends a girl could ever ask for, that is definitely for sure!