Sunday, March 20, 2011

Logan Lessons Learned

I spent my weekend in Logan this weekend and I loved it! My sister Becca and her family live in Millville which, I learned this weekend, is where country living happens at its finest. I am not exactly sure by what standard this is measured but, they put it on their sign so it has got to be true.
Here it is, country living at its finest! This is not the only thing that I learned this weekend. Some other important lessons I learned this weekend include...
1. Orca Whales are actually the largest member of the Dolphin family.
2. Kangaroos stand on their tails when they fight.
3. My sister Becca makes the coolest hats
in the world!!
4. Tangled is just about the cutest movie I have ever seen!!
5. Jake is Jimmer's biggest fan... ok maybe not.
So I spent Friday and Saturday in Logan and loved it! I learned more about sea creatures than I have ever learned before thanks to the fact that Clay is a walking encyclopedia. I got to shower with sea creature toys in the shower with me- that was new and exciting. I saw pretty much the whole of Cache Valley as we drove to Lewiston to see Tangled and found out it was sold out so then we had to drive back home. As a souvenir, my sister Becca made me the coolest hat ever and I love it!!
This is my amazing hat! It is so cool! I told some friends that my sister made it and they didn't even believe me because it is that cool! I am a lucky girl to have such a talented sister and, not to mention, such a cute niece!
Here we are, about to watch Tangled! We tried two different theaters on Friday night and they were both sold out so we had to go to the Saturday mantinee instead. Even for a twelve o clock showing of Tangled, on a Saturday, it was practically sold out! I know why though, it was so so so good! I really feel almost silly that I loved it as much as I did but I loved it!!!

In summary, I think the most important lesson I learned this weekend was that spending the weekend in Logan is always a good idea!!! Thanks so much to my big seester Becca for putting me up for the weekend!!! I sure do love my Cache Valley fam!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End

Not to rag on BYU basketball or anything- Jimmer is amazing, anyone who can score 52 points in one game deserves some praise- but, it is BYU football that will always hold a special place in my heart. I might even like Bronco more than I like Jimmer... Don't tell Jimmer! This last Wednesday my sojourn with the BYU football team came to an end, a real end, a real, sad end. I know the season ended in December but we always had the end of the year banquet to look forward to. Now the banquet has come and passed and I am out of things to look forward with my football family. I am a little sad about it. I am sure glad that I had the opportunity though.
The banquet was a fun night! We got to get all dressed up, eat a fancy dinner and be together. I sat at a table surrounded by my athletic training crew and I loved every minute of it! Coach Mendenhall made a stop at our table and joked about how Kevin (our head athletic trainer) probably could not keep our table under control if he wanted to, it was funny! There were even butterballs for our rolls which, of course, made my night complete. (That is a TCU trip inside joke- Kevin called me butterball for about a week, thankfully, it did not stick!)
I love my program! I love the opportunity it affords me to make new friends, associate with athletes and get to be in the same room as people like Andy Reid and Chad Lewis. I lead a sweet life and I am thankful for it! I am also thankful to have gotten to know and work so closely with my football family! I love you guys!!!
Maybe we were not the most coordinated group all the time but we sure did have fun!

Monday, March 7, 2011


As I was contemplating what to write about on my blog for this week, I was struggling just a little. Then it hit me! Today in Relief Society we had one of those lessons on marriage and families which, get a little old in single's wards but, this one was pretty good! This lesson got me thinking about my family. I love my family! I am so incredibly blessed in that area of my life! I have incredible parents who are strong in the gospel and loving even when I probably don't deserve it. I have a handful of siblings who have all been on missions and married in the temple and are doing their best to raise righteous families (Em, I know this does not include you just yet but I am certain that it will one day!). I have felt for some time now that I get little glimpses of what Heaven is going to be like when I am surrounded by my, incredible family!

My family is incredible- exciting, but incredible!!