Monday, March 7, 2011


As I was contemplating what to write about on my blog for this week, I was struggling just a little. Then it hit me! Today in Relief Society we had one of those lessons on marriage and families which, get a little old in single's wards but, this one was pretty good! This lesson got me thinking about my family. I love my family! I am so incredibly blessed in that area of my life! I have incredible parents who are strong in the gospel and loving even when I probably don't deserve it. I have a handful of siblings who have all been on missions and married in the temple and are doing their best to raise righteous families (Em, I know this does not include you just yet but I am certain that it will one day!). I have felt for some time now that I get little glimpses of what Heaven is going to be like when I am surrounded by my, incredible family!

My family is incredible- exciting, but incredible!!

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