Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End

Not to rag on BYU basketball or anything- Jimmer is amazing, anyone who can score 52 points in one game deserves some praise- but, it is BYU football that will always hold a special place in my heart. I might even like Bronco more than I like Jimmer... Don't tell Jimmer! This last Wednesday my sojourn with the BYU football team came to an end, a real end, a real, sad end. I know the season ended in December but we always had the end of the year banquet to look forward to. Now the banquet has come and passed and I am out of things to look forward with my football family. I am a little sad about it. I am sure glad that I had the opportunity though.
The banquet was a fun night! We got to get all dressed up, eat a fancy dinner and be together. I sat at a table surrounded by my athletic training crew and I loved every minute of it! Coach Mendenhall made a stop at our table and joked about how Kevin (our head athletic trainer) probably could not keep our table under control if he wanted to, it was funny! There were even butterballs for our rolls which, of course, made my night complete. (That is a TCU trip inside joke- Kevin called me butterball for about a week, thankfully, it did not stick!)
I love my program! I love the opportunity it affords me to make new friends, associate with athletes and get to be in the same room as people like Andy Reid and Chad Lewis. I lead a sweet life and I am thankful for it! I am also thankful to have gotten to know and work so closely with my football family! I love you guys!!!
Maybe we were not the most coordinated group all the time but we sure did have fun!

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  1. Mary - I love that picture of us in the park in London. Let's go back!

    Oh, I LOVE YOU too!