Sunday, March 20, 2011

Logan Lessons Learned

I spent my weekend in Logan this weekend and I loved it! My sister Becca and her family live in Millville which, I learned this weekend, is where country living happens at its finest. I am not exactly sure by what standard this is measured but, they put it on their sign so it has got to be true.
Here it is, country living at its finest! This is not the only thing that I learned this weekend. Some other important lessons I learned this weekend include...
1. Orca Whales are actually the largest member of the Dolphin family.
2. Kangaroos stand on their tails when they fight.
3. My sister Becca makes the coolest hats
in the world!!
4. Tangled is just about the cutest movie I have ever seen!!
5. Jake is Jimmer's biggest fan... ok maybe not.
So I spent Friday and Saturday in Logan and loved it! I learned more about sea creatures than I have ever learned before thanks to the fact that Clay is a walking encyclopedia. I got to shower with sea creature toys in the shower with me- that was new and exciting. I saw pretty much the whole of Cache Valley as we drove to Lewiston to see Tangled and found out it was sold out so then we had to drive back home. As a souvenir, my sister Becca made me the coolest hat ever and I love it!!
This is my amazing hat! It is so cool! I told some friends that my sister made it and they didn't even believe me because it is that cool! I am a lucky girl to have such a talented sister and, not to mention, such a cute niece!
Here we are, about to watch Tangled! We tried two different theaters on Friday night and they were both sold out so we had to go to the Saturday mantinee instead. Even for a twelve o clock showing of Tangled, on a Saturday, it was practically sold out! I know why though, it was so so so good! I really feel almost silly that I loved it as much as I did but I loved it!!!

In summary, I think the most important lesson I learned this weekend was that spending the weekend in Logan is always a good idea!!! Thanks so much to my big seester Becca for putting me up for the weekend!!! I sure do love my Cache Valley fam!


  1. Yay! So cute Mary. I love your lessons learned. I also love that you shared your sea creature knowledge with us yesterday which led to Casey researching blue whales. I think he and Clay are pretty similar.

  2. teach me how to jimmer-teach me how to jimmer TEACH ME HOW TO JIMMER-it just won't leave my head!!!!!!