Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogging.... For All the Wrong Reasons

So, recently I have been pretty good about finding something to blog about each week. It is not that I have not had anything to blog about in the past couple of weeks but I have not made the time and now, when I should most definitely be doing other things, like preparing for finals, I have decided to make the time... good decision, probably not. The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy so I will go over the just the highlights!

In the last little while I have reconnected with an old friend from my Brick Oven days. This friend of mine happens to work at Sundance and can get his friends into the resort for free. A couple of Fridays ago it snowed like crazy and we decided it was a perfect day to go boarding! The powder was AMAZING and we got first tracks all day long because our tracks kept getting covered up- it was kind of like magic! The next day there was still new snow and it was sunny so, we decided to go boarding again- it is a charmed life I lead! This picture from a previous snowboarding experience, Brad and I did not take any pictures, unfortunately, but
this one was taken at Sundance so I figured it would be an acceptable visual aid!

This is a car stereo, for those of you who might be confused. For the last long while, the radio in my car has not been the most reliable radio in the world. I think if there were a competition for the most reliable radio in the world, mine would not even be in the running. Not only does my friend Brad get sweet Sundance hook-ups, he also has pretty great car-fixing skills. Brad installed a new stereo in my car that even has a USB plug so my iPod doesn't just play through my stereo, it charges while it plays through my stereo. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Brad is also the reason that I now know how to change the oil in my car. I will be honest, I never imagined that I would ever lay on my back under a car and actually do things to help the car but, days ago, I did just that. Go ahead, call me a mechanic!

This picture is also a throw-back. It was taken at the end of fall semester 2008, right before I left to spend a semester in London, the greatest city in the world!!! Although I love the girls in this picture, that is not what this section of my post is about. It is more about the sign. Brigham Young University has been a big part of my life for the last four years but will not be in it much longer. I graduate in December and then will venture out into the world to make a name for myself. What that name will be, I am still not entirely sure. Unfortunately, before December comes I need to survive the rest of this semester. With a large amount papers and finals coming up and a very small amount of motivation, this could be one difficult task. Cross your fingers for me would ya?!?

To end, I wanted to hit a happier note! All of the people in this picture, minus baby Zoey, were here, in Utah, last weekend! It was so much fun to have everyone around even though it was a little crazy at times! I love Love LOVE my family and I am so thankful they can be mine forever! I am thankful to have bright spots like them in my life when other things (like finals) look like rolling black clouds on my horizon!!