Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know

My life lately has consisted of studying, studying and more studying! Oh, the life of a college student! The end of the semester has got to be one of my favorite times and least favorite times all at the same time! I thought, just for fun, I would share some things that I know that you probably don't want to know- here it goes!

1. T.S Elliot's the Hollow Man draws from four sources, The Gunpowder Plot, Heart of Darkness, Julius Ceasar and Dante's Inferno.
2. Joseph Smith spent the night of June 23, 1844 on an island in the river in front of Nauvoo.
3. When dealing with a suspected elbow injury you should check both radial and ulnar pulses and the capillary refill of the nail beds.
4. Mode of exercise, frequency, duration and intensity are the
variables that are controlled when writing an exercise program for an individual.
5. Licensure provides more strict guidelines than certification for athletic trainers.

There you go- in case you were wondering, these are the kind of things that I have floating around my head at this very moment which is bad because it is Sunday and I should have my Sunday school lesson floating around my head! On a more interesting note, I visited this week with my academic advisor. Mr. Ferris Child and I planned out my graduation and it is really going to happen! I am set to walk in August and officially graduate in December of 2011. Pretty exciting! I guess all this studying really has done something for
me... maybe...
Graduation will look something like this except I will be a little bit older, I think we wear blue and, unfortunately, there will be less of Jess Raliegh but, thankfully, there will be good friends!!!

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