Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

My Fourth of July was very low key but, that was just the way I would have had it this year! Between taking a full load of classes and working, low key is definitely appreciated! I had to work a double on Saturday and the Monday morning shift but, this weekend proved to be very profitable at work. In two days at work I made right around 200 dollars- not bad if you ask me. My weekend also provided me some time to spend with Becca and her family. The Youngs had me over for dinner on Sunday and let me hang out with them for the entire evening! I love having family around and other people's family who treat me like family. Thankfully I also had a little bit of time to squeeze some fireworks into my weekend. We watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the grass in front of the Hinckley Center on campus and they were pretty incredible. So, my low key Fourth weekend was pretty great! Happy birthday America!