Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday's Story...

This is Portobello Road. I know, I know some of you have only heard of this from Bedknobs and Broomsticks but it is real, a real, live road which is located just a short walk from our London Centre. Well, the walk would have been short if Maddie and I had known a little better where we were going. Of everything I have heard about people in London it is that they are really not all the friendly and out going so I was scared to ask for directions but Maddie, being the brave girl that she is, stopped a policeman and asked him to point us in the right direction. He said something like, "What you want to do is walk down this street, all the way to the bottom and you will see it." Yea, it was a totally different direction than we were going so it was good we talked to him, he probably got a good chuckle out of us :)

We saw this sweet sign while we were walking on Portobello Road and just had to take a picture... we thought it was funny :) So to get a picture of what Portobello Road is like, picture Roots Market, put it on a real road and minus most of the farm stuff and make it a lot more English looking and you would about have it. It was a little bit like China Town in New York in the way that every other stand had the same stuff but it was really fun to be there and to look around. It was a good, cultural experience and if Mom and Dad are here on a Saturday I think mom would really love to see it if you haven't already.
These buildings were on Portobello and I thought they were cute. Sorry there are not too many pictures from this adventure, it was kind of too cold to get my camera out, my fingers were not working very well. The walk back was much worse than the walk there, Maddie and I got super lost this time but, eventually we found our way and I think we are better for it- it sure was exciting to see a street that we recognized at the end of that experience :)
I am loving doing new things every day and meeting new people and enjoying the experiences that London has to offer. This is a great city and I am so thankful to be here!!!

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  1. I just want you to know I read your blog with an english accent so it is more authentic.