Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Down To It!

Here is our first view of what Maddie and I called "real London" although this is probably farther from real London than other things we have seen but it felt more real because we see this kind of stuff in our minds when we think of London, so it felt really exciting to see "real London". This picture was what we saw right as we were getting off of the tube at the Temple tube stop. Let me just say, I love the tube- it is like having a ride home from anywhere in London- best invention EVER!!! We rode down to temple and tried to follow this walk in one of our guided tour books but it didn't go too well so we decided to just explore instead.
We ended up in Trafalger Square in the shadow of the National Gallery. The National Gallery is free (excellent when you are a poor student) and it houses some of the most wonderful paintings I have ever seen. Da Vinci and Van Gogh and Tition just to name of few of the men whose works have been immortalized there. It was a wonderful experience, I felt very cultured as I walked through and looked at all the paintings and thought about what it would have taken to paint some of them. I was also impressed at how much of the art in the Gallery was based off of Christ and His life, I liked that about the painting that we saw.
I am feeling like I am getting a better hold on the city and the transportation system especially. Like I said, I LOVE THE TUBE!!!!

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  1. MIss Mary-
    You look and sound wonderful! I am just a little bit jealous of the incredible experience you're having! I love you and wish the MOST FUN and MOST AMAZING ADVENTURE for you in the next months! Keep on postin'!