Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday in Windsor

Another Wednesday has come and gone! I can hardly believe that February is almost done, it is a little bit crazy but I guess that's life! Today we went to Windsor to see the castle and some other sights along the way. I won't lie, the castle was my favorite part of the day! We got to the castle and the guard was just about to change. We watched as the band marched in and the guard changed, it was a pretty cool thing to see- granted, it was not the most exciting thing but I was impressed with how much tradition and nobility there was in the whole thing. I was a little taken aback when the royal marching band started to play the theme from Austin Powers... pretty funny.
Next we walked around the castle and found a bench on which we ate our sack lunches. While we were eating I saw something that made my day. Off in the distance there was a park and in the park there was a field hockey goal- it made me so happy! After lunch and my exciting field hockey goal sighting we went in and saw Queen Mary's Doll's House which was in between the size of a doll house and a real house and it was fully functional. The model was Buckingham Palace and there was an electric vacuum cleaner, the plates on the table were real silver and the plumbing actually worked. Talk about a doll house- it was impressive! Next we went to see the State Apartments which were my favorite part of the day. The rooms in this part of the castle are only open part of the year because during the rest of the year they are being used for state functions. The rooms were amazing! The walls were decorated all in gold and the paintings were incredible- everything was so noble and decadent, it really amazed me! I found myself wondering, somewhere in the middle of it all, what it would be like to live there and to come downstairs with my jammies and socks to get a bowl of cereal in the Royal kitchen... it was a fun fantasy! Upon exiting the State Apartments we got a really good view of where the Queen lives when she visits there and we were informed that she had just left two days before and would be there again on Friday- pretty cool!This was right after exiting the State Apartments and I felt like we needed to take a picture to try and capture the moment!This is the residence that the Queen had been in just days before we got there.

My next favorite part of the day came when we were leaving the castle. As we were leaving we saw a guard standing all by himself and we decided that since we were in London we needed to get a picture with a guard of course! So we all took turns taking pictures with this poor guy who could do nothing but stand there- that must be a weird feeling. You know that myth about the guards never smiling or laughing... not entirely true. I don't know if this guard was new but he lost it when we started taking pictures with him. Granted, we were being a little ridiculous and it just got worse once he started losing his composure but it was so funny! I hope we didn't get him in any trouble- I would certainly feel bad if we did.He was doing pretty well at this point.What a fun group!My apologies to Maddie and Melissa but this is the best picture of the poor guard totally losing it.


  1. Mar, these pictures are awesome. I want a castle!

  2. Apology accepted...but only because I love you! And because he looks great here, haha I loved that he laughed so much!