Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day... With 40 Girls and 0 Boys

So we had Valentine's Day London style this year and the style was very feminine, I think that was mostly due to the fact that there are 40 girls and no boys in our program- just a guess. There was a group of girls that took it upon themselves to plan a pretty awesome party for the rest of us. The shindig was '40s themed and turned out really great! We all dressed up- we did our best to look like we were from the 40s and then we spent the evening together. The girls who planned did a wonderful job decorating, the centre was a great setting for our 40s bash, it was like a blast from the past! We all wrote down our favorite memory with a boy and then read them and had to guess whose was whose- it was pretty fun to get to know more about all the girls, some of the stories were pretty surprising... that is, it was surprising to find out who the story actually belonged to. After story time we exchanged our Valentine gifts. Earlier in the week we drew names and then bought gifts to give at our party- it was nice to get a little gift and it was fun to see how well we are all getting to know each other, some people were right on the money with their gifts. After the gifts we broke it down with a sweet dance party and yummy snacks- this party had all the elements of a good party (food, music, dancing, friends- I guess it missed one... boys) and we all had a wonderful time. Even one of our professors came with his wife, it was fun to have them there for a little while and to hear about their courtship and marriage. All in all, Valentine's was a good day, it was especially good when you take into account that I don't think I talked to a male under the age of 50 all day. I do believe that this was a one time thing :)Dr.Crisler wore a bow tie which he learned how to tie on Youtube. He and his wife also made us cute Valentines.There was dancing for sure!There were also definitely pictures taken...Told you there were pictures taken... the cool backdrop is courtesy of our kick butt party planning committee.

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  1. MARY!
    That sounds like such a good time even though you weren't graced by the presence of any boys. Glad to hear that your sight-seeing is going well too. Talk to you soon!
    Love you,