Sunday, February 22, 2009

All My Children

So today my primary kids sang in Sacrament meeting. I am the singing time extraordinaire in my ward. I am not saying that because I think I am extraordinary but more because I am expected to play the piano, teach the songs and conduct all in the same singing time- it is a fun juggling act and I LOVE it. I love my calling almost as much as I love the children in the Catford ward primary- they are so wonderful... they are crazy, but they are wonderful! Today, while they were singing in Sacrament I felt the spirit so strongly, I also felt a nice sense of accomplishment knowing that I had taught them the song they were singing, those were both very good feelings. Working with these kids strengthens my testimony of the fact that Heavenly Father loves all of His children. I have fallen in love with these kids and I have only known them a couple of weeks- Heavenly Father has known us all much longer and I know He loves us all much deeper. I am so thankful for the gospel and for the ties that it forms in our lives. Through the church I get to have a more meaningful relationship with so many more people here in England that I would not have met any other way- what a wonderful institution! Here are some pictures of the children that have strengthened my testimony and captured my heart.This is Muffaro, he is from Zimbabwe.Here is Malachi- I don't have words for him, I just love him!From left to right, Sariah, Muffaro and Nathan with the pictures they colored today.

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