Tuesday, February 10, 2009

London Bridge is... Still Standing

Don't let the popular children's rhyme confuse you, I promise that the London Bridge and the historic Tower of London are still standing and doing quite well! Yesterday, all of us went to the Tower of London and had as much time as we pleased to simply tour around and enjoy the history of the tower. I was impressed by the crown jewels (more bling that I have ever seen before in my life) and the towers where famous prisoners were held, prisoners like the Boleyn sisters and others. I saw the site where the execution of many of those prisoners took place- people like Lady Jane Grey and some of Henry's other wives. I am always just in awe at all of the history that is here, I love it. Even though today was rainy and cold, I loved the Tower of London and everything that it had to teach me.This is the Jewel House where are the crown jewels are held. The security inside this building is greater than anywhere in the Tower of London.This fountain is a memorial to some of the people who were executed near this spot. This list includes the Boleyn's and Lady Jane Grey.A nice shot of the London Bridge on a typical London day.

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