Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Introducing... The Green Boots!!

Well, here they are, the much anticipated green boots! Ok, I know they probably were not really anticipated but they make me happy. This is the purchase that I made in Chester I mentioned it in the Wales post and said it would later get its own post- I wasn't joking. I have never felt so happy about an article of clothing in my whole life, I put on the green boots and they make me happy- it works like magic, almost as good as reading scriptures :) (just wanted to throw that in there so no one out there in blog land worried that I was getting sacreligous over a pair of shoes) Really this post is mostly for mom because when I tried to describe them to her she said they sound like something I would only wear in London- false, these will be worn long after London! I do have to give credit to my friend Alyssa for the fun pictures. She is hoping to get accepted to BYU's photography program and I think she would fit in just fine, see for yourself!

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  1. Mar, you're such a goof! Ha. Amazing pictures Alyssa.
    Love ya,