Saturday, July 14, 2012

Namesake Lake

To spice up my recovering I decided to go on a hike with some friends the other day. It was a really beautiful   hike and it was not quite as physically challenging as my Lake Blanche hike which was a little bit taxing! The trail started at the parking lot of Brighton Ski Resort so it was beautiful even where we started! The hike was just a little over a mile and covered some really amazing scenery! It was a little difficult at first, hiking up the part of the mountain I usually take the chair up but I managed! The hike was completely worth it! And, one of the most fun parts of all was the fact that the lake was named Lake Mary AND! another 1/2 mile down the trail there was a Lake Katherine! All I needed was a Pickett Basin to complete things! There wasn't one but it was still pretty cool to have two lakes named after me because I am pretty certain they are named after me! Here is some photographical evidence of the activity- try not to be too jealous!

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