Saturday, April 18, 2009

Primary Shout-out!

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend church at the Catford Ward of the Wandsworth Stake in Blackheath, England while I was in London. I was hesitant at first to attend a ward where I knew absolutely no one and had to take a 20 minute overground train ride to get there- I was intimidated. To my surprise, I fell in love with everyone in Catford. I especially fell in love with the children in Primary. I was called into the Primary before I even attended the ward and was asked to play the piano and do singing time. This was hard at first but I eventually got into the swing of things and fell in love with that too! It was so fulfilling to hear the kids sing songs that I had taught them. I just loved them! It was espeicially fun for me to take my family to church and to have them meet all of the members there whho I have come to know and love. I was blessed to have associations with wonderful children, failthful people and an espeically wonderful bishop and his wife Nicole. I won't lie, church was one of my favorite parts of London!
A little collage of the Priamary kids!
The Catford crew on the way home from chruch.
The BYU girls with Jenny's mom, President Pemberton and Br. Chittock
The Priamary organization of the Catford Ward. Nicole (far right) is the President and we were there to do whatever she needed us to do.
Two of my favorite kids- Malachi (left) and Amaddi (right). I just love them!

The silly group shot. Don't let this picture fool you, it was taken on Easter and there were a lot more kids at church than normal.
A little less silly group picture...
Me and Esther... so cute!
Bishop Newton-Williams and his wife Nicole and their new baby Nannette Louella! I could not have asked for a more supportive bishop and wife to work with- I just love them!!!

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