Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Lovin' in England

I got to share my last week in London with my parents and my little sister! I have come to love this city so much and was so happy with the opportunity that I had to share all the things I love with some people that I love very much! Of course, with dad in London we now have some pretty sweet pictures so I thought I would share some Pickett Family London pictures with all of you!

Emily looking a little seductive almost in the phone booth...Sweet shot Dad took of London from the London Eye!
All the Pickett girls in Holland Park (well the ones whose last names are still Pickett.)
Me and Em on the escalator riding down to the tube!
St. Paul's at night from the Millennium Bridge!

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  1. Mary! I had no idea you had a blog- your mom just posted a comment on my blog and it led me here. :) I hope you're doing well, you look like you're having a wonderful time!