Monday, June 13, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect... Eventually

SO! This weekend I am headed to southern Utah with my friends Jason and Sam (pictured above). Sam and I are in the athletic training program together. Thanks to the BYU football team last fall, we became really good friends! I am really thankful to have friends like these two. On Thursday we decided that in preparation for our trip we needed to go rock climbing. We hiked it up Rock Canyon and did some climbing. Not only was it active and fun but peaceful and good to feel like we got away from Provo for a minute!

It was an incredibly beautiful day! I am so glad that I have such beautiful surroundings to enjoy! I recently discovered the Bonneville Shoreline Trail up in the Provo Canyon and I love Love LOVE running on it! There is just something about being outside in the summer time that calls to me- I just can't resist!!

So this is the pre-climb picture. I was excited!

Here is a during climb picture. Climbing shots are not very good for the bum... Sorry.

Here is the top! I made it all the way! Higher than Marc, not that that really matters.

And, what goes up, must come down! Thanks to Jason for belaying me safely to the ground!

I got a little bit of practice belaying myself. I belayed for Jason which was not exactly the best idea...

This is how we handled the situation. Sam and I were tied in together... just in case! Thanks, Jason and Sam for a great night even if I should have been studying for finals!! I am so looking forward to this weekend!


  1. You just had to point out that you made it higher than me too, huh? Not that it matters... haha