Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun in the Sun

This was the weekend! I spent this weekend in sunny St. George, Utah. It was a great trip, incredibly fun! I am so thankful to have friends like Sam and Jason and I am so thankful for their families' hospitality! The trip went from Friday to Tuesday, morning, very early! There was mountain sight seeing, mountain biking, fun on the lake and a hike through Zion National Park! Amazing weekend!

So, after a sleepy drive (at least for me) we arrived in St. George. Hannah, Sam's little sister, was wearing an awesome tye-dye t-shirt so, we decided to make our own. Mine and Sam's shirts turned out pretty awesome, they will be featured later!!

This was activity number two. This train, the Poppy Trail, is practically in Jason's backyard. It was a really fun trail to ride. I was even able to manage it and I have not ridden a bike in years! As you can see, the sun was setting as we ended our ride. It was sure beautiful! St. George is beautiful and so entertaining!

This was Saturday morning's activity! We headed out, pretty early, to Sand Hollow, a reservoir not too far from St. George. The blue water looked pretty incredible next to the red rocks. I did some wakeboarding, cliff jumping and learned how to wake surf- good day if you ask me! The last picture is to illustrate exactly where I spent my time when I was not behind the boat, sprawled out in the bow, soaking up the Sand Hollow sun!

Saturday evening, after our naps, we did some sightseeing! St. George is really beautiful! I love the red rocks!! I especially love the temple against the red rocks- such a beautiful contrast! We walked around the temple and then hiked around the Sugar Loaf- that is where the view is from. I had a really great time getting to know St. George a little bit better!

Monday was the big hoorah!! We did a hike in Zion National Park. The most legitimate hike I have ever been on! It involved wet suits and harnesses and ropes, very equipment intensive! The scenery was incredible!! We hiked, rappelled, swam (through freezing cold water) and I saw some of the most amazing nature I have ever seen! I also felt more extremes, temperature wise, than I have ever felt in such a short period of time! One minute we were freezing, then then next we were sweating- quite the adventure if you ask me! Highlights- I learned how to safely tie myself in before rappelling, I now have great memories of Jason's 'toga', Sarah and I (Jason's little sister) sang Disney songs while we hiked out, I free rappelled 100 feet, and I had a brush with death (literally) but that is another story entirely!
In conclusion, this weekend way A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Thank you so much to Sam and Jason, the Burton's and Stacey!! It was the best!

Sorry for this one, Jason. I needed to show off my completely awesome tye-dye shirt! Thanks, Hannah, for showing me how!!!


  1. Dear Mary,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting that lovely picture of me in the toga. Now I know you are a true friend!


  2. Wow Mary, this seems like it was a SWEET adventure. St. George is great...granted I've only actually been there once (the other times were stopping at the chuck-a-rama on the way to CA with the lab), but I liked it a lot. I'm really glad it didn't rain like Casey kept saying it might. That's all. Miss you.