Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I want to go to Brighton Daddy!"

For those of you who have seen/read anything by Jane Austen you will know that Brighton is "where the husbands are to be found." This is why, of course, Kitty who is the speaker of the title of my blog wants to go there so badly. I had different reasons for wanting to go to Brighton yesterday and, I will have you all know, there were no husbands to be found.

We actually made two stops before we got to Brighton. Our first stop was at a castle called Bodiam Castle. Unlike some of the other castles we have seen, Bodiam was exactly what you see in your head when you picture a castle. The building was practically square with towers at each on of the corners and the best part was that it was set on a large, deep MoAT which, I decided, is definitely going to be a feature of my future home- I just want a moat, is that too much to ask for :) We explored the castle for a while and then it was back on the bus, heading off to Battle.This doorway was just my size.

Battle was our next stop and was the site of the Battle of Hastings which occurred in 1066 and was where William the Conqueror beat Harold, the previous kind of England and became the new King of England. We mostly just wandered around and looked at the battle field and also the ruins of Battle Abbey. There was a little bit of excitement when we reenacted the Battle of Hastings and when we found a bobsledding course outside of the Abbey- all in all, it was a pretty sweet stop.Me and Melissa in front of the battle fieldThis is us bobsledding in a five man sled...

After our bobsledding Battle adventure we headed off to Brighton. Brighton is on the southern coast by the sea and has been used as a get-a-way town in England for centuries. The first stop we made there was at the Royal Pavilion which was King George IV's seaside home. The Pavilion started its life as a farmhouse and then as George gained money and power was turned into and ornate palace fit for the King of England. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the Pavilion so you will just have to take my word for it when I say that it was pretty amazing!!!

Upon finishing at the Pavilion we were given the rest of the time in Brighton to simply explore. Most of us saw the pier with the rides and decided that is where we wanted to spend our time. It was so fun to feel like we were at the BEACH for the afternoon. We walked around the pier, took pictures and watched some of our brave friends ride a ride that took them way high over the water and spun them around- not exactly my idea of fun. It was a nice day and I got to see the ocean and that is my idea of fun! Thanks Brighton for providing us with such a great get-a-way even if there weren't any husbands found!The view of Brighton from the PierMe and Maddie just getting ready for summer


  1. Mar,
    I think a moat would suit you very well! Ha.
    Love you, Peter

  2. I think you deserve a moat.