Sunday, March 22, 2009

NoRthEN EnglAnD!

Some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen came into view during our five day trip to the north that spanned from last Tuesday to Saturday (yesterday). It was a long trip but there was so much to see and the Professors planned a full schedule for us and kept us extremely busy! Relaying the entire trip would take far to much work on my part and would be far to boring for all of you so I will just hit the highlights and show the pictures!!

I saw Bronte country on Tuesday and, appropriately enough we watched Jane Erye on the bus that day. I liked Bronte country and the movie much more than I thought I would.This is a shot of the Bronte's home which is located by the church in the village of Hayworth where their father was the Parson. It all had a little bit of creepy feel to it- definitely not somewhere I would want to go in the dark but very cool!

Another highlight from Tuesday was getting put in the stalks at Bolton Castle- it wasn't as bad as you might think :)I couldn't go without throwing in a picture of the countryside- it was AMAZING! The landscape actually reminded me very much of Pennsylvania and I loved that about it!

Ok so that was Tuesday in a nut shell and I have a total of one picture from Wednesday due to the fact that I spent most of the day in bed (in a hostile, if you can call that bed...) because I had a pretty intense fever. I did get to kind of enjoy Fountains Abbey in the morning which is a large garden that has the ruins of an incredibly large abbey within its boundaries. We walked around the gardens and saw the water gardens and the ruins and I tried really hard not to pass out! Here is my one picture from Wednesday...
Thursday was a little bit less rough which was much appreciated!!! We traveled to the town of Durham in the morning where we saw Durham Cathedral and I climbed to the top of the tower- 325 steps- so I could see the view and this is how it looked!
After Durham we went to Chester's Fort which is the location of some of the ruins of the ancient Roman division between Scotland and England, Hadrian's Wall. It is no longer the actual border but it was fun to see it anyway!!This is just a couple of us walking on Hadrian's Wall- no big deal :)

After Hadrian's Wall we drove to Ambleside which is located in the heart of England's Lake District. If you have the opportunity to go to the Lake District before you die, take it! This was so beautiful! I loved looking out the window as we drove around the Lake District and just seeing what there was to see- it was AMAZING! Our hostile was right on the water and the window in my room look right over lake Windemere to the mountains beyond- talk about beautiful! If you don't believe me, see for you self!
Friday was another day of struggle for me. I had a fever all day so that accounts for the fact that I have absolutely zero pictures from this day of our trip- I apologize!

Saturday was a good day. We drove from Ambleside to Preston and while in Preston we got a tour of the church's historical sites. Preston was the first place that missionaries preached when they came to England and it is also one of the cities that President Hinckely served in while in England on his mission. It was cool to see the sights and to learn the history of the church in England! My favorite part of the day was our last stop. We stopped at the Preston, England Temple and got to explore the grounds a little bit. It is pretty cool that no matter what temple you go to, they all have that wonderful spirit about them. Even in a foreign country being at the temple felt like coming home. As we were waking around the grounds my friend Maddie said enthusiastically, "I'm getting married in the temple!!" It was nice to hear her say that and then to know that I also am going to get married in the temple, I made the decision long ago to settle for nothing less!

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