Friday, August 17, 2012

Surgery Number 2

If you are ever wondering how to make your summer really fun, here is a suggestion, you could have two surgeries about a week and a half apart. Make sure one of them is on a body part that totally limits your abilities to do things for yourself and, of course, make sure you are given all kinds of good pain killers. This was my strategy this summer! This second surgery was on my foot which was a little bit more lame, for me, than my hand since I love running so much. The good news is, about three and a half weeks later, I am still alive and, I haven't even lost my mind yet!

I have to give a BIG public thank you to my sister Becca for driving all the way from Logan to take me to surgery at 5:30 in the morning! While thank you's are going out, I also need to thank Sarah and Nat for watching Ella and Clay so Becca didn't have to bring them to the hospital at the crack of dawn! I have incredible people in my life!

I think the surgery took a total of about thirty minutes and then it was on to the recovery room- not my favorite place since I spend most of my time in there making a fool of myself and asking the same questions over and over and over again. Becca was patient with me though, thanks for that! On the way home Becca obtained some necessary supplies for me- Jamba Juice, chocolate milk, Teddy Grahams and drugs- what else more does a girl need?!

Recovery hasn't been too bad. It feel like sometimes I take a step forward and then two big steps back because I sometimes over do it... but I am trying to be smart and patient... it is a challenge though. Here is a little pictorial summary of my experience thus far. Enjoy!
The pre-surgical collage. My surgery pager, kind of like a table pager at a restaurant, just different. My hospital bracelet. My post surgical shoe. Documentation of just how ridiculously large my hospital gown was.

This was what it looked like under my bandage three days later... sausage toes.

This picture was taken the day my mom and I took out my stitches... Yep, we handled that one on our own.

This is my foot currently. My scar has definitely calmed down, my bruises are gone and my toes look much less like sausages- thank goodness! Now I just need to get my running back up to snuff and I will be a happy girl!

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  1. I can only wish you a rapid recovery and not to get in a trouble any more!) As it may be seen from the photos, the treatment was rather successful, wasn't it? thanks to friend you are on the top of things!