Friday, August 17, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

After my surgeries I headed up to Seattle for about three weeks to rest and recover. It was a pretty great time filled with family and sunshine (believe it or not) and the lakehouse- you can't go wrong when all of those factors are part of a trip home! I owe a big thanks to my parents for putting up with my post surgical, lack of running complaining- you guys are pretty amazing! I am also thankful that they live in such a beautiful place that is so fun to visit. I loved seeing every single one of my siblings (except Kelly, way to not be there Kel!) and all of their children! It was busy and a little crazy but, I wouldn't have it any other way!

On the Ferry on our way to Crescent Beach  where I am pretty sure I haven't been since I was really little.
I am sure we were having a very serious birthday conversation.
These starfish were HUGE! The tide was out really far and we got to see some pretty sweet creatures.
We seriously walked out on the rocks so far- it was pretty awesome.
This picture was taken at the cabin on a cold day.
This picture was taken at the cabin on a warm day- warm enough that I had to invent a way to be in the water without getting my foot wet.


  1. Nice peaceful rest! The beach always makes my mind balances and harmonized! I am glad for you to have had chance spend a little there!