Friday, June 22, 2012


Please ignore Ian and James in the front...
There are a handful of things that everyone talks about doing in Utah that I have still not done in Utah despite the fact that I have lived here for the last almost five years of my life. Some of these things includ,e but are not limited to- driving the Alpine Loop in the fall, going to Lake Powell, going to Manti (ok, not everyone talks about this but I decided that it is definitely something I want to do before I leave), etc. Thankfully, yesterday, I was able to cross one of these 'everyone's favorite Utah activities' off of my Utah bucket list. After careful planning- or not- a group of us headed down to Mona yesterday to play on the rope swings at Burraston Ponds. The pond was just that- a pond, kind of dirty and such, but it was so fun! We brought all kinds of snacks and the boys brought fun activities like corn hole- if you have never played corn hole, you probably should. Best of all- even with all the shenanigans going on, no one got severely injured. We did have a minor foot injury but I am going to go ahead and count that as a victory. Thanks for a fun day everyone who came and thanks for keeping me entertained Utah, maybe you are not so bad after all.
This is Rachel- She is great!

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