Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Is Official!

For those of you not well versed in the profession of athletic training, let me give you just a little insight. As medical professionals, we are required to take a board examination before we are permitted to practice. This test is called the BOC and it is talked about from day one in most athletic training programs. I had the opportunity to take the BOC on November 18, just days before I went home for Thanksgiving. Taking the test was not that bad. Waiting for my results for more than two weeks was a little excruciating. This Tuesday, there was an email in my inbox telling me that the pass/fail results had been posted. This statement could not have been more true. Upon logging in to the BOC website I saw my name, status- passed. That was all, no confetti, no fireworks like when you win solitaire, just PASSED. This was all I needed to know. Although fireworks would have been nice, passing was all I needed to do! I am a certified athletic trainer, pretty cool feeling if you ask me!

Now I can help kids like Trevor for a living instead of just clinical experience. If you are wondering, Trevor is on his knees in this picture so I can better stretch his injured shoulder- something that would be extremely difficult for me to do if he were standing at his normal height of 6 foot something!