Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pleasant Grove and Pink

I have spent a good chunk of my time this semester at Pleasant Grove High School participating in the last internship of my undergraduate education. Working out at PG has been so great! I love my Clinical Instructor there- her name is Kristin and she is pretty much the bomb. I love what we do there. I love seeing kids- like the boy in this picture- come back from injuries and get to be able to play again. This boy broke his collarbone the second game of the season and was able to come back and play the last four games, something not a lot of people thought he would be able to do. There is nothing better than seeing these kids return to full play and love it. I also really grew to love my kids out there at PG. High school kids are so fun and I am so grateful to have gotten to work with them and know them and pretty much love them!

Our last game was this last Wednesday and it was definitely bitter sweet. So sad that it is over but so rewarding to get all the hugs and teary thank-yous from my boys.
For our Senior night we let the guys spat. Spatting is what it is called when you tape over your shoe. Not only did we spat but we did it with pink tape. For those of you who follow the NFL you would know that October is breast cancer awareness month and that the cool thing to do is to wear pink. We have a couple of guys on our team who's moms have battled breast cancer so, this one time, we let them spat, in support of breast cancer awareness. It was a ton of work but, I have to say, it looked pretty sweet.
I am so thankful for all the awesome experiences that my education here at BYU has afforded me and I look forward to taking the next steps in my career and my education!

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