Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello Seattle

Directly after the fake graduation festivities we jumped in the car and headed to Spokane. It was a big weekend in Spokane! Addison got baptized and Maren got blessed- like I said, big weekend! It was definitely fun to be there with everyone and to celebrate those two great events.

The group was pretty large and consisted mostly of Dittos but we tried our best to represent and the Dittos aren't so bad :)

After the baptism and blessing festivities were complete, we jumped back in the car (there was a lot of time in the car) and drove over to the west side of the great state of Washington. So many good things happened on the opposite side of the state, maybe not quite as good as baptisms and blessings but I went to Panera (twice), I got to see my parents new house, I got to see grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, and I got to lounge around at the lakehouse for a solid three days doing only things I wanted to do- best vacation ever!! I also got to spend my whole time at the lake with my amazing older sisters and their adorable children and one of my very best friends, Katelin, who I dragged along! The highlights include, reading an entire book, laying in the sun (yes, it was sunny), running around the lake, playing with the kiddos, helping Laynie jump off the highdock for the first time and being the designated jumping in the water-catcher. It was a wonderful week that ended with a date with my parents and Katelin to see The Help in the cute Edmonds Theater, get frozen yogurt and walk along the beach. I think, with this vacation under my belt, I will be able to successfully survive my very last semester at BYU.
I wanted to provide photographic evidence that Laynie and I both did some serious highdock jumping!

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